The Importance Of Having The Right Logo

The right logo says everything without saying a word. It connotes feelings of honor, trust, pride, excellence and integrity. It conveys a series of virtues and a set of values without pages of copy and a team of copywriters. It evokes a sense of connection between a brand and consumers. It establishes a bond between a company and its community of fans, friends, critics, allies and champions.

A brand logo is exclamatory. (It may even be an actual exclamation point.) It acts as a symbol of success and a commitment to the customer. It is the fulfillment of a partnership between a business owner and a graphic designer, whose collaboration is an act of communication and whose final design is the result of discussions about what the logo should do.

A logo is not just about what it looks like but also how it attracts attention from current and potential consumers. Anyone looking at your logo, ad, or website should understand and be drawn to the information it’s offering and take action. The right design makes them come to you, look around, and listen to what you’re saying.

Here are just a few of my faves designed over the years …